Cloud Data Summit welcomes Packt as a Sponsor


Packt is a technology skills publisher based in Birmingham in the U.K. Committed to helping developers and technology professionals master emerging technologies in creative and innovative ways, the company has published more than 7,000 eBooks and videos on everything from DevOps to data science.

It might sound like a truism but it’s a reality for many software developers: change is the one constant in the tech industry

This can pose a real challenge as it becomes tougher and tougher to not only manage and deliver the projects you need to, but also to keep your skills up to date and take full advantage of the tooling opportunities that are out there. 

This is why Packt exists. With open source software feasting on the world, thousands of developers depend on Packt to provide up to date and practical insights and guidance to help them not just manage the restlessness of the industry, but also to successfully leverage it. 

Packt does this in a variety of different ways. Although the company started life as a book publisher, it has adapted to the changing needs and expectations of developers by expanding its product range to include video courses and blended content to its foundational library of books. Every developer learns differently – Packt makes sure they support the needs of individuals so they can all play a part in vibrant and ever-curious tech communities. 

With technology transforming the world, developers now have a position of considerable power and influence – Packt is empowering them to make a difference at work and in the world.

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