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Daniel O’Connor

Daniel O’Connor

Director, Product Data Services, Verndale

Daniel O’Connor is the Director, Product Data Services, Verndale. With over two decades in IT, Product Taxonomy, Product Information Management Systems, and Data Analytics, Dan can speak to the unique challenges faced by retailers, manufacturers and distributors in overseeing their product data collection processes. He is a strong product data advocate, having built, implemented, and managed Taxonomies and Product Data systems across the B2B and B2C spectrums. Dan is a Product Data Quality evangelist with a passion for fixing people, process, and system issues in the data collection process.

How the cloud changes Product Information Management The cloud has profoundly changed how product data is created and syndicated between manufacturers and retailers across the globe. From decreasing the Time-to-Market of products to reducing the cost of managing the systems required for Product Information Management, the cloud has provided all sizes of businesses the opportunity to improve their data quality. Yet data quality is still not getting significantly better even as retailers put more pressure on their vendors to provide more content.

Participated in Cloud Data Summit North America Event October 2019

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