Data Marketplaces to watch in 2020

Alternative Data is transforming industries

Alternative Data is a powerful tool to deep dive into industry trends and consumer behavior.

What is Alternative Data?

Alternative data is used in business decision-making. It helps identify assets that are of value to society, like public infrastructure or industrial land, so that public and private investment can begin to prioritize them. Data is part of the foundation for machine-learning models, which make it possible to do things like detect dangerous weather patterns or balance the trades on Wall Street. Data on users—their behaviors, preferences, preferences for using certain goods and services—is also key to companies’ decision-making. In the medical-device business, sensors embedded in devices and inside pharmaceuticals enable researchers to learn more about users’ usage patterns and preferences, as well as improvements in device quality. defines it as “data used by investors to evaluate a company or investment that is not within their traditional data sources (financial statements, SEC filings, management presentations, press releases, etc.). Alternative data helps investors get more accurate, faster, or more granular insights and metrics into company performance than traditional data sources.”

Or, put simply, Alternative Data is data that is not created inside of your company.

It’s an industry described as being very much in its infancy. Many investment firms are still “getting their feet wet” when it comes to using data from alternative sources, said Richard Johnson, principal for market structure and technology at research firm Greenwich Associates.

William Watts, Deputy Markets Editor writes in

Greenwich Associates, which publishes an Alternative Data study, said

  • 72% of investment firms reported that Alternative Data enhanced their signal, with over a fifth of respondents saying they got over 20% of their alpha — industry lingo for the ability to beat the market — from alternative data.
  • Nearly half investment managers use alternative data, with another quarter planning to do so in the next 12 months. Budgets for alternative data are up 52% in the last year, and 56% of investors have added new alternative data sources in the last two years.
  • 62% of users prefer the data to be packaged by data providers in some way, as opposed to delivered in raw format, and 83% want some assistance in ingesting and processing the data.

Alternative Data isn’t only for investment information. Business decisions across many functions can be enhanced with Alternative Data, from healthcare to logistics to retail.

Number of Alternative Data Providers
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Data Marketplaces to Watch

AWS Data Exchange

AWS Data Exchange makes it easy to find, subscribe to, and use third-party data in the cloud. Qualified data providers include category-leading brands such as Reuters, Change Healthcare, Dun & Bradstreet, and Foursquare. Once subscribed to a data product, you can use the AWS Data Exchange API to load data directly into Amazon S3 and then analyze it with a wide variety of AWS analytics and machine learning services. 

Datasets: Various

Snowflake Data Exchange

If you’re a data consumer, access and query available data sets and data services for richer analytics, deeper insights and informed data-driven decision-making. If you’re a data provider, publish data sets or make available your data analytics services to Snowflake customers so you can turn your data into business assets.

Datasets: Various was created by a group of former buy-side and sell-side analysts, data analysts and engineers passionate about how alternative data is changing fundamental investing. Recognizing the discovery fatigue that plagues institutional investors, we created this community to help you ramp-up on alternative data and maintain you informed of the latest developments in the space.

It is supported and maintained by YipitData and sources its content from hundreds of contributing investors, data providers, and industry professionals.

Datasets: Financial


Quandl sources, screens and analyzes unique data from non-traditional publishers. They productize and package it into feeds that do everything from enhancing fundamental strategies to powering the most sophisticated machine learning approaches in use today.

Quandl taps into the Data Economy to give customers unique powerful insights. The biggest opportunity for investors in this decade comes from the signals buried in the data generated by the digital economy. Alternative data is the deepest, least utilized alpha source in the world today.

Nasdaq acquired Quandl December 2018

Datasets: Financial


Dawex is a global data marketplace where you can meet, sell and buy data directly. Describe your business and get contacted by buyers to find out the value of your data. Dawex is the data marketplace that makes data monetization and acquisition easy, secure and accessible for every organization.

A wealth of data from thousands of companies in 20+ sectors are available to support your data strategy. Source, exchange and monetize data to boost innovation and create value.

Datasets: Various


By converting real-time location data from mobile phones into actionable information, Thasos increases transparency into businesses, markets, and economies worldwide.

With over 5 billion mobile phones broadcasting their location throughout the world today, Thasos provides access to the most powerful source of real-time geolocation data for measuring and forecasting economic activity anywhere. They track foot traffic to retailers, malls, REIT-owned properties, hours worked on assembly lines, and other metrics across many industries globally.

Mobile phones broadcast their locations at regular intervals, whether people are shopping in a store, working in a factory, or boarding an airplane. Where people go and what they do are fundamental elements of economic activity. For example, by measuring aggregate rates of mobile phone visitation to stores, Thasos provides real-time transparency into the performance of thousands of competing businesses.

Datasets: Aggregate people geolocation data


Wield the web as a database to outsmart competitors. Join the businesses who have begun to edge out competitors by scouring the web for “alternative” data.

Alternative datasets reveal strategic movements within companies. Track when companies are hiring or firing employees, interacting with customers, moving product, and many other metrics indicative of company performance.

Anyone allocating capital can make better decisions with Thinknum Alternative Data. Investors and analysts generate actionable insights by tracking corporate performance.

Datasets: Financial

App Annie

Confidently Navigate the Entire App Lifecycle with App Annie Intelligence. Uncover growth opportunities across countries and categories. Discover what markets are experiencing the largest growth by analyzing app market trends based on downloads and revenue around the world

Sharpen your competitive knowledge by gaining a deep understanding of the app market landscape. Track competitive market share across downloads, revenue, usage, and engagement metrics.

Identify emerging players and competitive threats. Recognize competitive threats proactively by analyzing performance trends across your category

Mobile market data you can trust, accelerated insights you can rely on. With data on over 8 million apps and thousands of websites, get the complete picture of the mobile landscape you need to acquire and retain customers, prioritize your roadmap, enter new markets, and optimize ROI. Maximize monetization and optimize ad spend with data aggregated and normalized from 350+ connectors. Reveal high-performing partners, networks, and platforms to gain a competitive advantage.

Datasets: Mobile App and Website usage


Dataminr’s advanced AI platform detects the earliest signals of high-impact events and emerging risks, enabling enterprise and public sector clients around the globe to know critical information first, respond with confidence, and manage crises more effectively.

Dataminr is recognized as one of the world’s leading AI businesses. Our clients are the first to know about high-impact events and emerging risks, so they can mitigate and manage crises and opportunities effectively. Around the clock and around the world, hundreds of enterprises and public sector organizations rely on our pioneering AI platform to help solve real-world problems. Dataminr is one of New York City’s top private technology companies, with 500 employees and eight global offices.

Datasets: Trending Topics, News, Corporate Risk, Commodities & Energy, Public Sector


Smarter Decisions. Better Outcomes. Empowering retailers and brands to stay ahead of always-shifting consumer needs drive deeper omnichannel engagement and foster greater brand loyalty

Our time series-driven collaborative analytics, consumer intelligence. and alternative data solutions enable our clients to achieve improved business performance, efficiency and growth quicker, with less risk. 

Over 900 of the world’s foremost retail, consumer goods,  and financial services organizations consider 1010data the partner of choice for optimizing product portfolio health, mastering customer touchpoints and digitally transforming operations. 

Datasets: Aggregate credit card data from third-party providers


Build Your Foodservice Business On Better Data.

CHD-Expert database contains > 7.5 mio global foodservice operators.

For over 20 years, CHD Expert has collected, analyzed, and managed foodservice, restaurant and hospitality data to help businesses win in this fragmented and fast-moving industry.

Data is housed in country-specific Foodservice Industry National Databases, which contain approximately 5 Million records across all major continents.


Phunware connects and organizes mobile data into a unified Phunware ID profile for over 1 billion monthly active unique devices globally. License a subset of this data to enrich mobile device profiles or activate scalable, hyper-targeted audiences.

Capitalize on users’ daily digital trail. Supercharge your mobile app experience, audience insights and mobile advertising campaigns with a data license to Phunware’s extensive collection of curated mobile data.

Phunware’s data enrichment service extends data about consumers giving brands and marketers unique insight into user behavior beyond their mobile app including segments, locations and points of interest visited, app usage and media consumed.

Enriched Phunware ID profiles can be delivered automatically to the Phunware Knowledge Graph as a real-time event stream or through daily batch-mode updates, or be delivered as a structured data feed.

Datasets: Aggregate user data from Mobile Apps


Find untapped alpha with unique datasets backed by best-in-class symbology and data concordance.

Gain a competitive advantage and find new insight with FactSet alternative data: one-of-a-kind insight generated by novel data and analysis techniques. With this data, you can reveal interconnecting business relationships, business performance and market indicators, sources of risk, areas offering new investment opportunities, as well as support environmental social governance (ESG) investing.

Datasets: Corporate Hierarchy, Environmental Socal Governance (ESG), Geographic Revenue Exposure, Sanctions, Shipping Transactions, Supply Chain Relationships

For even more alternative data, visit our Open:FactSet Marketplace.


Market smarter with consumer journey analytics. Examine every search, click, and buy. On every site.

Track your competitors across the web. Learn exactly where consumers are buying. Discover how to reach your consumers. The eCommerce black box – unlocked at last.

  • Get competitive sales for every brand and retailer
  • Analyze behavioral trends from search to sale
  • Compare performance by sales volume, conversion rate, price and more
  • Detect new entrants, category trends and seasonal changes
  • Understand brand loyalty and cross-shopping behaviors

Jumpshot is a subsidiary of Avast Antivirus

Datasets: Competitive eCommerce purchasing


Publish and discover unlimited data

Experiment faster by managing data like code

Most teams are already on top of their code and containers, but their data lags behind.

Quilt transforms data into versioned, reusable datasets so that teams in machine learning and computational biology can iterate faster, reduce errors, and deploy smarter models.

Quilt consists of a Python API, web catalog, and backend stack to manage data sets in S3.

Quilt is a versioned data portal for AWS. offers access to the world’s public data in S3, including Amazon’s Registry of Open Data.


FreightWaves Benchmarking Services are integrated within SONAR to provide a streamlined view of benchmarking data, while also providing the ability to consume other external datasets and workflow tools that will improve the profitability of their respective business(es).

To assist participating companies in the reporting of their unique financial and operational data, FreightWaves has built a proprietary data translation tool that results in all members (within a specific market segment) reporting their data via a ‘common language’. This service ensures that the consolidated data is credible, consistent, and significantly reduces the time it takes to participate in benchmarking.


SimilarWeb gives you global multi-device market intelligence to understand, track and grow your digital market share. Over the past 10 years, SimilarWeb developed a unique way to understand the digital world

Datasets: Web Site and Mobile App metrics, keyword analysis, referral sources

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