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Farhan Abrol

Farhan Abrol Headshot

Head of Machine Learning Products, Pure Storage

Farhan Abrol is Head of Machine Learning Products at Pure Storage where he oversees the development and execution of Meta, a machine learning engine that uses IoT data to optimize the customer experience. Farhan has successfully led engineering teams in enhancing data resiliency, streamlining management operations, and improving customer experience. Farhan is also passionate about shaping the future of the industry and is an active mentor for future IT leaders.

The hype around artificial intelligence and machine learning’s potential to improve IT operations continues to grow, as does enterprise investment in these technologies. However, their anticipated value has yet to be realized. Pure Storage’s Head of Machine Learning Products, Farhan Abrol examines this disparity and outlines key areas where we can already start to realize impactful AI advancements in cloud infrastructure, including data analysis, workload planning and capacity management.

Participated in Cloud Data Summit NA Event May 2020

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