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Imran Ahmed

Imran Ahmed

Director of Product Marketing, ADP

Imran Ahmed oversees Product Marketing for ADP DataCloud, an award-winning, people analytics solution, designed to give organizations an edge delivering actionable insights. Imran plays a pivotal role in helping businesses understand the value of data analytics and how best to leverage them to improve outcomes. His expertise has placed him among the top experts driving others to leverage data and analytics as a foundational approach. His accomplishments as a thought leader have helped to elevate business strategy at well-established HR and Tech companies throughout his professional career. After spending more than 12 years in Product Management & Product Marketing, Imran brings passion to the message that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning not only help reduce administrative tasks but also help to attract top talent, which is vital in today’s diverse labor market. He brings this philosophy to life… strong technology in the hands of a strong partnership will ultimately drive business success for any organization. At ADP – Imran’s understanding of ADP DataCloud has been a key to enabling others to harness the power of data. ADP DataCloud has garnered multiple awards, including Best Advance in HR Predictive Analytics Technology and Ventana Research Technology Award.

Optimizing Data and AI in Times of Change Even before global events shifted the world and the workforce, winning business strategies were built on data-based decisions. A recent global survey found companies that harness big data saw as much as an 8% increase in revenue and a 10% reduction in costs. Today, leveraging decision-quality data and artificial intelligence is more important than ever. This session will demystify data and reveal its true potential as a resource to help organizations navigate today’s landscape. Beyond the average insights, AI can provide businesses with access to recommendations that help simplify complex decisions around how scarce resources should be allocated, how to schedule tasks, and how to deal with constraints. So how can these businesses leverage AI and data in their day-to-day environment? Which insights should we be looking for? And how can data and AI help improve people’s strategies? Whether it’s recruiting, staffing, or improving workflow, data and AI can enhance results across the full lifecycle of work. Smart products, automation, and chatbots are just scratching the surface. Leveraging his expertise as the director of product for ADP’s DataCloud, Imran Ahmed will highlight how organizations can identify methods to improve business outcomes using data and AI and also touch on various techniques to solve business challenges. Through this, the discussion will debunk myths around what the infusion of AI and data into a company can really do.

Participated in Cloud Data Summit North America Event May 2020

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