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Jeff Baird

Manager of Data & Integration Services TERRA LLC

Jeff Baird is Manager of Data & Integration Services TERRA LLC Jeff Baird has been in IT and data analytics for almost 20 years. He’s been a recruiter, hiring manager and managed teams of up to 30 data engineers. But over the years he has found that data isn’t enough if we want to be able to persuade and influence. HOW we present ourselves and our message matters. Jeff studies and teaches the art & science of influence. He’s a keynote speaker, corporate trainer, certified body language trainer (who knew that was a thing) & certified coach in the big 5 personalities (probably worth a google). He’s the founder of LikeAbilities.com and IT Career Hacking.com

Do you trust the data or ‘go with your gut?’ When there’s a discrepancy between gut feeling and a report sitting on a desk, 90% of decision-makers will go with their ‘gut feel’ over the data. Several years ago, Jeff Baird decided to see if he could influence ‘the gut feel’ and affect what should be an objective KPI. He partnered with the Data Science team at Utah Valley University to set up a booth giving away fresh cookies. They asked the students to tell them which cookie tasted best. Like with any good research, there was a twist. Jeff will share how he was able to affect which cookie was better. As well as 3 unexpected and unconventional tips to help make you and your data more persuasive and influence decision-makers.

Participated in Cloud Data Summit North America Event October 2019

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