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Joshua Cottrell

Joshua Cottrell

Co-founder & Consultant Cottrell Consulting

Joshua Cottrell is the Co-founder & Consultant Cottrell Consulting Data visualization specialist with a startup background (acquisition in 2016). He had the opportunity to build custom reporting solutions for teams at Google, Apple, Microsoft, Lego and Gatorade. These days he travels full-time in East/Southeast Asia, consult with a handful of enterprise clients and help early stage startups with their data-focused products.

The importance of good data visualization Dashboards close cloud data deals. Dashboards should be an integral part of that strategy. His experience building dashboards and command centers for Google, Apple, Lego, Gatorade, Microsoft and others (from the sales cycle all the way through to hand-off) Why dashboards worked so well to close those deals and win project buy-in common dashboard use cases and pitfalls to avoid. How to integrate dashboards into the early stages of your project/sales cycleBalancing actionability and visual design

Participated in Cloud Data Summit North America Event October 2019

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