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Kurt Cagle

Kurt Cagle

CEO of Semantical LLC, Contributor to Forbes and Managing Editor of Cognitive World

Kurt Cagle is the CEO of Semantical LLC, Contributor to Forbes and Managing Editor of Cognitive World Kurt Cagle is focusing on future technologies, science, enterprise data management, and technology ethics. He also runs his own consulting company, Semantical LLC, specializing in Smart Data. Kurt is the author of more than twenty books on web technologies, search, and data.

Democratizing Data: Knowledge Bases and Semantic Hubs (Cloud Data Summit North America October 2019) An emerging application built around triple stores, knowledge bases are likely to become a central facet of enterprise data management, providing a bridge that connects content management, event streams and traditional data stores. Join Forbes writer Kurt Cagle as he illustrates one such knowledge base and examines the implications of this tech in the AI space. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Studio Method (Cloud Data Summit North America May 2020) Twenty years ago, a group of developers and project managers met in Snowbird, Utah to create what would become known as the Agile Manifesto. While this approach has been very successful in shifting the way that development is accomplished, over the years it has had at best only moderate success in the face of increasingly data centric applications where the overwhelming majority of people involved are not in fact programmers but rather subject matter experts, analysts, curators, data story-tellers, and others. Agile, even in various incarnations such as kanban, generally fails to focus on this role. In my presentation, I’d like to focus on what I’m calling the Studio Method, which I believe is a broader approach to the methodology of creating intellectual property, making critical decisions, or even designing products. It subsumes Agile in part, but it also re-examines such things as data federation, data quality and assurance, the role of automation (machine language and IoT) and other factors in the modern business process.

Participated in Cloud Data Summit North America Event October 2019 and May 2020

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