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Mark Chamberlain

Mark Chamberlain

VP Global Head of Infrastructure ADP

Mark Chamberlain is the vice president global head of infrastructure at ADP. With revenues of $13.3 billion in 2018 and 57,000 employees worldwide, ADP is a leading global technology company providing human capital management (HCM) solutions. ADP provides comprehensive payroll services and human resources management solutions for businesses of all sizes by offering companies recruit-to-retire services and solutions that help them build the teams necessary to succeed. A 26-year veteran within the world of technology, spanning from programming to infrastructure, Mark is responsible for ADP’s global infrastructure, which supports the company’s global hosting businesses and millions of end-users. In this capacity, he provides global leadership and vision for infrastructure and platform architecture. In addition, he is responsible for developing a global infrastructure strategy to align ADP’s architecture across the enterprise. Prior to joining ADP in February 2016, Mark was the global head of infrastructure at Bloomberg L.P. were his focus was on servers, storage, databases, virtualization, procurement, and infrastructure workflow globally, along with the management of the global infrastructure budget. Mark began his 21-year career at Bloomberg as a software developer and moved into other roles, including database engineering, backend programming, user interface design, infrastructure, and automation.

How “Data Gravity” Could Impact your Cloud Strategy – The Journey to the Public Cloud The need for companies to move their customer-facing products from private clouds and data centers to the public cloud has become increasingly apparent in 2020. Enterprises are developing “living” technology that is more cloud-native, making their data much more accessible—and scalable. In fact, global spending on enterprise software is expected to grow 9% this year, driven primarily by cloud-based subscriptions. However, as companies across the globe begin embracing this transition, they are facing ramifications after this shift in technology takes place. Ultimately, the demand is affecting enterprise cloud infrastructure and the how organizations are developing new technology to support the growing move to the public cloud—with the biggest challenge being data gravity. Did you know that data has gravity? Large masses of data exert a form of gravitational pull within IT systems, which attracts smaller applications and other bodies of data. As these datasets increase in size, they become harder to move—so your approach to managing them must be thought through on the frontend. And while the task of moving what could be a massive amount of data may seem impossible, can your company sustain the time it will take to access what could be mission critical information if you don’t? A comprehensive data and data migration strategy is needed up front for companies to complete a successful journey to the public cloud—especially when experiencing data gravity. It is also essential that any infrastructure be thoroughly researched and beta-tested before being implemented. The phrase “data is the new currency” continues to ring true. But where the data will live and how you get to it needs to be considered and discussed early on in your cloud journey. It’s a daunting endeavor that many companies have not yet fully understood. As the vice president global head of infrastructure at ADP, Mark Chamberlain has been the backbone of ADP’s evolution to the cloud. With such a wide range of clients, Mark examined the company’s infrastructure as a whole and ensured ADP had the proper ability to transition to a much more effective and scalable position from a technology perspective. Mark will leverage his own experience as he discusses the journey to the public cloud while providing ways for enterprises to avoid bumps in the road along the way.

Participated in Cloud Data Summit North America Event May 2020

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