Market evaluation after Coronavirus

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Post Coronavirus outbreak – there has been a record downfall in the stock market.

The risk of transmitting airborne viruses is greatly increased in large crowds of people.

The Global stock market suffered a huge loss of $6 trillion in the last six days!
According to the firm’s Senior Index Analyst Howard Silverblatt,  U.S. stocks lost about $4 trillion of its value in the same period. Surging coronavirus cases outside China scares the investors that this deadly virus will escalate to a pandemic. Around 50 countries have been affected by the deadly virus and more than 83,000 people are infected. The stock market reported one of its worst weeks of the last decade. The Dow and S&P 500 dropped 12% and 11% for the week, respectively, marking their worst weekly performance since the financial crisis.
One of the primary reasons attributable to the stock market loss is the spread of deadly viruses outside China. South Korea confirmed that coronavirus cases have jumped more than 23,000 in South Korea. Moreover, Iran’s Deputy health minister tested positive for the virus this week.

The travel and leisure industry was adversely impacted by the fear of Coronavirus. Key players in this sector plunged by more than 4%. Shares of Royal Caribbean Cruises, Carnival and Expedia GroupCarnival sank by 6%, 4%, and 2.5% respectively. A similar decline was witnessed in the shares of some of the major Airline groups like American Airlines, Delta Airline and travel companies like Tripadvisor, MakeMyTrip.

Delta Airlines
Delta Airlines

However, amidst the bloodbath of the Share market, the only surviving shares belonged to ‘Cloud’ companies, which showcased tremendous growth and positive results. Zoom Video Communication Inc which is one of the largest cloud communication platforms surged 3.2% on strong volume.


Adobe, Etsy, RingCentral, Shopify and Teladoc Health also witnessed a similar surge in their stock price.

Significant Hollywood, Sports, and Tech events were also canceled due to the virus that has killed more than 3,000 people. Facebook, the tech giant, canceled its annual F8 developer conference on Friday citing “growing concerns” about the safety of its multinational guest list. In place of the planned San Jose, California conference, Facebook said it will distribute videos and discussion live streams

Few of very Interesting Projects on Coronavirus

Where can I find any real-world information?

John Hopkins University created an online dashboard to monitor the current scenario of Corona-virus and the data is extracted from the same link and made available in a CSV format. The majority of the data is collected from various sources, including WHO, U.S. CDCECDC China CDC (CCDC), NHCand DXY. DXY is a Chinese website that aggregates NHC and local CCDC situation reports in near real-time, providing more current regional case estimates than the national level reporting organizations are capable of, and is thus used for all the mainland China cases reported (confirmed, suspected, recovered, deaths). U.S. cases (confirmed, suspected, recovered, deaths) are taken from the U.S. CDC, and all other countries (suspected and confirmed) case data is taken from the corresponding regional health departments. Data is present at Country, Province & Date Level containing~368 records.
Link to project: Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by Johns Hopkins CSSE

With the news coming in that the World Health Organization has declared the novel coronavirus outbreak a public health emergency, it has increased the general fear among the public. A lot of countries have heightened their measures to fight with this virus with the condition in China still sensitive. More than 20 countries and territories outside of mainland China have confirmed cases of the virus — spanning Asia, Europe, North America, and the Middle East — like India, Italy, and the Philippines reported their first cases on Thursday.
Link to project: Wuhan Coronavirus: A geographical analysis

How the World Health Organization and the 2019-nCoV (Coronavirus) database from Kaggle tells the same story with different impact figures..
Link to project: Analyzing 2019-nCoV (Coronavirus) data — Why Quality & Sense checks are so important in Data Science?

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