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Michael Abdou

Michaelabdou Opennebula

Senior Project Manager OpenNebula

Michael is an IT enthusiast with a long-held experience leading enterprise-scale projects across several industries. He has worked in the US and in Europe, and as a Senior Project Manager at OpenNebula, where he is responsible for the delivery of open source cloud and edge technology solutions to meet quickly evolving business needs in the marketplace. It is the innovation and drives to bring new capabilities to the market that makes his work most exciting.

Edge cloud computing Edge cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular because of its benefits in security, latency and user experience. OpenNebula is a leading open source IaaS platform to build elastic Private Clouds and manage data center virtualization, combining technologies like VMware vCenter, KVM, LXD system containers, and Firecraker micro-VMs. OpenNebula is now developing an innovative open source edge computing platform, which will include a public catalog of public cloud and bare-metal providers and their available global edge resources. This talk introduces OpenNebula’s OneEdge R&D initiative and explains the project’s journey—from managing corporate data center infrastructures to its new features for serverless computing and distributed edge cloud deployments.

Participated in Cloud Data Summit North America Event May 2020

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