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Conference cancellations due to Coronavirus in 2020 

Online events like Cloud Data Summit mean that you aren't exposed to these types of infections. And there are many other benefits like a greatly reduced attendance cost and getting more of your time back.

Cloud Data Summit featured in Forbes Magazine 

Touted as a “summit like no other” for cloud data technology, this year’s 2019 Cloud Data Summit is poised to set the gold standard with an immersive, engaging and value-packed experience.

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Market evaluation after Coronavirus 

The risk of transmitting airborne viruses is greatly increased in large crowds of people.

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Interesting Dataviz Tools of 2020 

Data Visualization is one of the most prevalent and ubiquitous approaches used for analytics.

Data Marketplaces to watch in 2020 

Alternative Data is a powerful tool to deep dive into industry trends and consumer behavior. Read to learn about the best Data Marketplaces.

Data Vault and Cloud Enterprise Data Warehouse

Dan Linstedt – Data Vault & Cloud EDW (Transcript) 

Transcript: Dan Lindstedt - Data Vault & Cloud Enterprise Data Warehouse. A new frontier for changes to architecture and methodology. Recorded Live during Cloud Data Summit on October 16th, 2019

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