Speaker Bio

Patty Delafuente

Sr. Director Data Science at NewWave Telecom & Technologies, Inc.

Patricia Delafuente is part of the adjunct Graduate Data Science Faculty with the University of Maryland Baltimore County and the Senior Director of Data Science for NewWave Telecom & Technologies. She is a Data Scientist with over twenty years of database engineering, business intelligence, and analytics experience. She holds a Master of Science in Analytics from Texas A&M University and a Bachelor/Master of Science in Information Systems. She has numerous IT certifications to include Microsoft Certified Application Developer and Microsoft Certified Database Administrator. She is a University Ambassador for Nvidia and is certified to teach several Nvidia Deep Learning Institute courses. She is a frequent guest speaker at community data science-related events.

Enable Data Infrastructure for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence is a way to use machines to improve or emulate human or biological performance. A subcategory of that is machine learning which leverages both data and analytic algorithms to build models that when trained on existing data, can be used to make inferences based on new data. Analytics can provide powerful prescriptive information to inform the company and organizational decision making. In this presentation, we will discuss ways that one can analyze and prepare their data infrastructure to enable and make effective use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Data capture, transformation techniques, data base products, and modern cloud data sharing platforms will be discussed.

Participated in Cloud Data Summit North America Event May 2020

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