Interview with Rasmus Bang, Bang Insights

Cloud Data Summit Podcast – Episode 001

Eric Axelrod interviews Rasmus Bang, founder of Bang Insights, about some of the challenges with running Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Science workloads in the cloud.

Sterling Jackson, Data Engineer @ Lirio

Cloud Data Summit Podcast – Episode 002

Eric Axelrod interviews Sterling Jackson, Lead Data Engineer at Lirio, about how he created their modern elastic data platform

Eric Axelrod on The Analytics Show Podcast

Guest Interview – The Analytics Show, Oct 2019

This is a special guest interview with Jason Tan, host of The Analytics Show. Jason is Founder of Data Driven Analytics and the The Analytics Show, Data Driven Analytics, based in Brisbane, Australia, specializes in Digital Transformation through Data and Analytics. In this episode, Eric discusses the impact the cloud has on day-to-day data operations, and how businesses will be affected if they don't make the jump.

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