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Attendee FAQ

Q. What are the requirements for Student Registration?

College, University, and Bootcamp students, as well as those taking online certificate and self-directed learning programs are eligible for student rates at Cloud Data Summit.  The program is intended for individuals just starting down their career path.  You must not be employed as a Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data Analyst,  Data visualization Developer or similar role for more than 12 months to qualify for a student ticket.

Q. Do I qualify if I am taking a Udemy or other online Courses?

Yes, self-directed learning certificate programs / courses are acceptable for a student ticket at Cloud Data Summit. The only requirement is that the course should be relevant to the subject matter of the conference.

(Data Science, Data Engineering, Data Analysis,  Data Visualization, Cloud technology, Machine Learning, AI, IoT, Blockchain, Computer Vision etc).

Q. Am I eligible if I recently graduated?

Yes, If you graduated in last 12 months. You must not be employed as a Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data Analyst,  Data visualization Developer or similar role for more than 12 months to qualify for a student ticket.

Q. Do I need to submit proof of enrollment?

Yes, you need to submit one of these documents:

• University / College Student ID card

• Diploma

• Transcript

• Proof of online course enrollment (Udemy, Coursera, etc)

• Proof of online course completion (Udemy, Coursera, etc)

• Proof of Bootcamp enrollment

Q.  When will Cloud Data Summit be held?

Cloud Data Summit will be held Oct 16-17, 2019

Q. Where is Cloud Data Summit located?

It’s 100% online.  In the cloud, for the cloud. You can attend from anywhere you have a decent internet connection and a distraction-free environment. Further information about the conference platform will be provided after you register.

Q. Will I be able to meet other attendees like I would at a physical conference?

Yes! Cloud Data Summit brings the full conference experience to the digital realm. You will be able to network with other attendees just like you would in-person. There are dedicated times on the schedule to meet other attendees face-to-face over camera and microphone, similar to a web meeting.  You will also be able to exchange virtual business cards to connect after the conference.

Q. Will I be able to meet speakers like I would at a physical conference?

 Yes, VIP ticket holders will be able to meet speakers face-to-face in the same manner as other attendees.  General Admission ticket holders will be able to ask questions to speakers and panelists over chat and Twitter.

Q. How can I meet with sponsors?

Cloud Data Summit has a virtual expo hall which is very similar to a physical conference.  Sponsors have booths where you meet with their representatives and see product demos.

Q. Will I need a microphone and a camera?

You will need a camera, speakers, and microphone in order to participate in networking sessions. The integrated microphones on modern Windows laptops or ultrabooks, Macbooks, or Chromebooks are generally sufficient.  As a general rule, if you have a good experience attending web meetings with your device then your equipment should be fine for Cloud Data Summit.

Q. Which devices can I join the conference from?

Any Windows or MacOS devices with camera, microphone, and speakers will be sufficient. Mobile devices are not supported. Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are supported on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer are not supported.

If you are using a company laptop or desktop which is ‘locked down’ where you are unable to use the camera, microphone, speakers, or unable to install software, then it would be a good idea to attend from a personal laptop.

Q. Should I use a headset?

It isn’t necessary, but if you are attending from a busy location then a headset will vastly improve sound quality for yourself as well as the attendees you will be networking with.  Some devices have low quality microphones and speakers, so a headset would be a good idea — even if you are in a quiet location. Generally, even inexpensive external headsets, microphones, speakers will provide better sound quality over integrated ones.

Q. Will other attendees be able to interrupt the presentations?

No, attendees are muted for all main stage presentations, panels, and roundtables. You will be able to ask presenters and panelists questions over conference chat or over Twitter.

Q.  What is the dress code?

Generally, anything you can wear your office will be fine. Business casual, slacks, jeans, polos, button-ups, or even suits are appropriate. Please review the Terms and Conditions for clarification on inappropriate attire.

Q. Which sessions are going to be recorded? When will recordings be available?

All main stage sessions are recorded and will be able to be replayed after the summit has concluded.  

Q. I would like to feature Cloud Data Summit on a web site, publication, or blog. Who can I contact?

If you would like to inquire about media features, please contact [email protected]

Q. Are meals included?

They are not included as attendees will be attending from hundreds of locations all over the world.  This is one reason tickets are substantially less expensive than a physical conference.

Q. Which hotels are available? 

Since the conference is entirely online you won’t need a hotel. You can attend from anywhere with an internet connection and a quiet spot to meet with your peers over video.

Q. Which airline should I choose?

You don’t need to travel to attend the conference, its 100% virtual conference.

Q. I purchased a ticket but I am unable to attend, Can I transfer my ticket to a colleague?

Yes, you can transfer your ticket to another member in your organization. However, to remain in compliance with international ticket-scalping laws, reselling your ticket is prohibited.

Q. Can I cancel my registration?

Due to the resources involved in capacity planning, we are not able to offer refunds.


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Oct 16-17, 2019

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