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Susan Walsh

Susan Walsh

Founder, The Classification Guru

Susan Walsh is the founder of The Classification Guru, fixer of dirty data, and a specialist in data classification, supplier normalization, taxonomy development, and data cleansing. She brings clarity and accuracy to data and helps procurement and data teams to work more effectively and efficiently, finding cost savings through spend and time management and supporting better, more informed business decisions, delivering a strong ROI. After eight years of working with data, Susan has developed a methodology to accurately and efficiently classify, cleanse and check data for errors which will help prevent costly mistakes from happening and save hours, if not days of laborious data cleansing and classifying by in-house teams. Susan is passionate about highlighting awareness and the value around addressing the issues of “dirty data” and it’s consequences in an entertaining and engaging way through her YouTube channel, LinkedIn, webinars and speaking engagements.

Data Cleansing

Participated in Cloud Data Summit North America Event May 2020

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